Saturday, March 29, 2008

Witness of CIA remark should be subpoenaed to testify.

Eric Von Baronov who owns the Kondratyev economic site on Yahoo Groups stated in his forum several years ago that a CIA aquaintance of his told him that Martin Armstrong "had to be stopped".
Exactly what was meant by this statement should have been probed. It was this author's understanding that what was meant was that the CIA does not want people with extremely sophisticated computer analysis (which the CIA tried to aquire unsucessfully from Mr. Armstrong), controlling billions of dollars in the futures markets. A proper trial would have dealt with these issues, instead Martin got years of deprivation and even torture from solitary confinement before he was more or less forced into a plea.

According to some comentators Martin got some commodity traders angry by saying that they were manipulating markets and so when he needed to get out of his Yen trade which was going against him those traders made it impossible for him to find a buyer. Martin was also said to have had a position in another commodity that was going well for him but when he was arrested the reciever is said to have liquidated those positions, which meant that future profits from them were cut off. Again all of these issues should have been explored in a court of law with premium legal representaion, which Martin was denied when the courts took away his original lawyer's monies. Martin eventually got a lawyer that his 80 something year old mother scraped some money together to pay for.

Mr.Von Baranov should have been subpoenaed to testify at Martin Armstrong's 'trial'.