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Martin Armstrong, discoverer of the Pi Cycle Economic Confidence Model, persecuted by the US Government, denied his constitutional rights. Former Chairman of Princeton Economics International and The Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

The Pi Cycle Economic Confidence Model has had many direct hits on various market indexes and commodities producing billions to one odds against it being just a meaningless coincidence. The CIA and Chinese government tried to acquire his super-computer model after his amazing prediction of the crash of 1998 to the day and after he predicted the collapse of Russia long before it happened.  

Mr. Armstrong has had his constitutional rights stripped from him (see - When Was the Sixth Amendment Repealed? - on this site, written by a Republican Magazine Editor), his Constitutional right to a speedy trial was taken away from him and his legal team's money was taken from them, so no due process of the law, which says you are innocent until proven guilty, happened. The court then demanded he surrender some valuables which he said he no longer had, they also wanted his computer model source code which he refused as it is proprietary, they then put him into prison on contempt of court charges for 7 years, this is completely backwards. He then endured the torture of some solitary confinement and then after a forced admission to the least possible charge - after serving 7 years in prison on contempt (a corrupt way to stop his trial from proceeding, before it could be determined if he was innocent or guilty) then he got another 5 years prison sentence with extra punishment having been given to him by putting him in solitary confinement forced to sleep on the floor with no clean clothes for weeks. This is the man that hosted the former Prime Minister of Great Britain; Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders at forums, now reduced to being tortured by corrupt prison directors!

Martin's mother's bank account was also frozen, including her social security monies, in order to try and stop her from hiring lawyers for her son, only after his lawyers threatened to hold a press conference did the government back down. Martin wrote that they almost killed his mother.

Martin has reported in past articles that he felt he came close to dying in the hole where he passed out from the heat and bad air, only to wake up again after wishing he would not. It is known that lack of oxygen shortens your life, so this means the prison system thinks it is just fine for them to shorten a person's life-span, this is evil. Criminals are running the prisons. 

He also lost many of his teeth after a guard stood by and let a murderer into his cell who then strangled him from behind until he passed out and then smashed a type-writer over his face breaking many of his teeth, the man who did this has never been charged. Barbarism to rival ancient Rome. 

Are we to believe that the murderer was let into his cell just by accident? Is this what the Constitution stands for?

Read more detail on Martin Armstrong's contempt jailing, prosecution and conviction at this NY Times link:

NEWS UPDATE April 12/13 - It has now been reported that Martin has been released from the 'hole' , according to Kris at  "A letter of 'Inquiry' was sent from a certain Congressman that asked several questions to the BOP (Bureau of Prisons). Interestingly, the letter would've been received by several top Officials there (including the Warden at Ft. Dix) either Saturday or yesterday, and Marty was released back into the Camp population in the afternoon yesterday. The 'Power of the People' really makes a difference."

UPDATE APRIL 10 and 11, 2010
 Kris at is reporting that Martin Armstrong is still in the hole, now going on for about 1.5 months. Martin has reported that he is not getting clean clothes now for weeks, he is not allowed to have legal books and he is not allowed to have any more writing paper, effectively silencing him. This is a violation of the US Constitution  and of International Human Rights!  The Warden of Fort Dix and those carrying out his orders should be prosecuted for violation of Martin Armstrong's First Amendment Rights, in addition he is being mentally and physically tortured by putting him in solitary confinement, forced to sleep on the floor with no mattress, stale air and also no clean clothes for weeks, treating him worse than a barn-yard animal which at least gets straw to sleep on! Is this what the Founding Fathers fought for? Martin is being treated like he is a mass murderer, some kind of monster that has to be kept in a hole and tortured, one of the smartest people alive is being treated in a disgraceful fashion.

By denying Martin writing paper thereby stopping him from expressing his First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech it looks like the Fort Dix Prison officials are subjecting Martin to Prior Restraint -

 Prior restraint
"If the government tries to restrain speech before it is spoken, as opposed to punishing it afterwards, it must: clearly define what's illegal, cover the minimum speech necessary, make a quick decision, be backed up by a court, bear the burden of suing and proving the speech is illegal, and show that allowing the speech would "surely result in direct, immediate and irreparable damage to our Nation and its people" (New York Times Co. v. United States). U.S. courts have not permitted most prior restraints since the case of Near v. Minnesota in 1931."


There is a legal team that is working on helping Martin at this time (April 11,2010), good luck to them. 

A dictator speaks about solitary confinement...

"The biggest punishment a man can receive is total isolation in a dungeon, black and complete withdrawal of all stimuli, that's real torture" - Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore Mentor Minister. Mr. Lee knows what he is talking about he and his government have used Solitary Confinement to torture his political prisoners for decades. See video of  Dr. Lim Hock Siew who spent almost 20 years in Singapore prisons speaking on solitary confinement and judicial corruption -

UPDATE February 26, 2010 .... According to Kris over at the site Martin's family has reported that Martin has been thrown in the 'hole' at Fort Dix Prison.  According to Nate at
"We learned that he was thrown into the “hole” this past Wednesday and is still there today. What we have garnered is that conditions inside of Ft. Dix are deteriorating ever since a new Warden took over just a few months ago. Many “privileges” have been suspended for the entire 400 person population at the “working” facility that was only designed for 200. It is now, perform your job then head immediately back to the bunk – that’s it all day long type of routine. Tensions are very high inside, this is an open barracks type of facility with bunks literally so close that only one person can stand between them. You can imagine being locked up with 400 guys day in and day out under more stressful conditions than they have to be and you get a recipe for violence. That’s what happened just two weeks ago as riots broke out inside the facility.

Armstrong’s job inside the prison is as a clerk, this is how he is able to also write while he’s there. What we learned is that they searched his locker and discovered that he is helping other inmates with their legal work – something that is completely legal for him to do, but they claim that he is not supposed to have copies of other inmate’s legal documents in his locker and this is the excuse for the solitary confinement – as yet unconfirmed.

But what we hear is that they also found letters he had written complaining about conditions inside the facility. We also know that certain people in power have taken an interest in his case and that the prison is not happy about that or about the media requests or the papers that he is getting to the outside like this one. (click on link above to read Martin's latest paper, "Behind the Curtain II")

Armstrong’s sister has hired an experienced criminal attorney to go into the prison on Tuesday to find out what exactly is going on. We’re afraid that they may be using this game to brand him a trouble maker in order to justify moving him as they attempted to move him out before. Since most of this is third hand type of information we must learn more about the facts and we should know more later this week – I’ll keep everyone informed."

UPDATE December 1st and 29th 2009...thanks to all (especially the organizer of the Thanks-Giving 2009 protest - Kris over at who sent emails, phoned, faxed etc. to help Martin and stop him from being transferred to a rough prison where he feared he could lose his life. The prison authorities backed down on their attemped violation of US law (which states it is illegal to move a prisoner while an appeal is before the courts) after the bright light of public scrutiny was pointed at them, they thought they could get away with shipping him out during the holiday when people were distracted...NOT! This is just one more example of what Martin has been warning of, how corruption and abandonment of the rule of law in the USA has become widespread.

The man who attempted to murder Martin in his first prison, smashing a typewriter over his head while a guard watched, remains uncharged and Martin Armstrong who lost many of his teeth during the attack, which happened years ago, has yet to get any dental treatment.

What has happened to Martin Armstrong is an outrageous trampling of the US Constitution. Judges have omitted information from court transcripts, erased court camera recordings, denied a speedy trial or any trial, taken away all money from Martin's legal team, allowed a murderer to nearly kill him and not be charged, put pressure on US media to stop covering the case and lost Martin's appeals several times!

Americans should be outraged and demand a full Congressional investigation and impeachment of those Judges that have done this to him.

Patriots are inhabiting high office less and less in America these days. President G.W. Bush said it himself..."The Constitution is just a piece of paper"... and power-crazed scum in high office will trash it if they can.~

Mr. Armstrong says, the court told him they knew he did not steal money and he says the government know's that Republic Bank employees did illegal trading in his Princeton Economic accounts but apparently the government cannot admit to being wrong so Armstrong remains in prison going on 10 years now! What gives these bureaucrats the right to ruin a man's life! The truth about Martin can be found here: , as well a on this site.

In a Martin Armstrong article (mid September 2009) on the site he writes of Japan and the defeat of the Liberal Democratic Party which he predicted a decade ago to the Japanese, this also may have something to do with his downfall, as he points out after that prediction the Japanese government put in a request to verify their funds at the bank where Martin had their bonds, this seems to have set off a chain of events, that and the fact that he warned the Japanese that the NY investment bankers were going to attempt to increase the spread the Japanese would have to pay to repatriate their funds from the US and this cost the US bankers "a shit load of money" and as Armstrong details - after that they hated his guts.

Martin was just about to start managing the equivalent of at least 2 Trillion US Dollars for the Japanese before all this happened!

Take your pick as to the reason Martin has been in prison for 1 decade now:

A) The NY Club of Investment Bankers got Armstrong for not playing ball with them by letting them have access to his computer model's research and being a major threat to their profits as he was about to start managing 2 trillion dollars for the Japanese with the aid of his AI 32,000 variables super computer pi model. Martin has written from prison that Alan Cohen the court appointed reciever of Princeton Economics International stole research materials from Martin's desk at PEI's headquarters, Alan Cohen is also Executive Vice President, Global Head - Compliance for Goldman Sachs the key company involved in the US housing derivatives melt-down of 2008, after US regulators let the investment bankers start speculating on citizens homes. Goldman Sachs is the company that has a revolving door for its directors and the US Treasury and Justice Departments. There is a conflict of interest here big enough to drive a truck through.

B) The US regulators and Justice Department (possibly in collusion with the NY Investment Bankers) got him for allegedly mismanaging the Japanese money (although as he says not one wire transfer of Japanese money went into his personal accounts) and or manipulating the world economy as he was accused of by regulators. Pres. GW Bush's cousin, Judge Walker is said to have been instrumental in denying Armstrong his constitutional rights, perhaps because Bush's CIA wanted the computer model.

C) The Japanese government and corporations had lost so much money since the collapse of the Nikkei stock market that they needed someone to blame for the losses.

So which is the reason or are they all the reason, did Marty run into the perfect storm of personal life cycles? Is this a case of being so smart and therefore attracting huge money and then the fear of the investment community establishment of what could happen to them as they were out-smarted in the world of big money speculations, with hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars on the line, what wouldn't the powers that be do to stop something like this?

Better stop short than fill to the brim.

Oversharpen the blade, and the edge will soon blunt.
Amass a store of gold and jade, and no one can protect it.
Claim wealth and titles, and disaster will follow.
Retire when the work is done.
This is the way of heaven.

-- Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching (9, trans. Gia-Fu Feng)

In defense of Martin Armstrong on Wikipedia, I had pointed out that his legal team's monies were taken away from them, that the CIA had approached - according to Princeton Economics staff members James Smith and Barclay T. Leib now of Sandspring Advisors LLC - Martin's company Princeton Economics to aquire his 60 million dollar computer model which they had become impressed by because it predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union and also the stock market crash of 1998 to the day. All that and more was removed from Wikipedia and they banned me from writing on Wikipedia although they still have a link to this site. Who's controlling Wikipedia? Sure doesn't seem to be the grassroots of society.

Below written on Nathan's Economic Edge blog...

"Below are two letters written by Armstrong on his own behalf, one sent to Patrick Leahy regarding the appointment of Sotomayer (and his case), and the other to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Preceding those letters is a hand written note asking for others to write in asking for an investigation. I think that is most appropriate given his circumstances and ask all who follow his writings and appreciate his work to please do so, the addresses are provided.

It is my understanding that Armstrong has received virtually NO RESPONSE to the arguments he made to the SEC and Appeals court. I have asked for their responses and am being told that there has been no response to his arguments, although I’m still trying to get all legal documents associated with his case. He has written another article that should be out by tomorrow. Evidently it deals with what he views as what will be the end of the Obama Presidency and the possible rise of a new third party. Should be interesting as all his thoughts are…"

The Chinese government also was very interested in Martin Armstrong's model and was going to hire Martin to model all of their economic data. I had also mentioned that his daughter Victoria Armstrong stated on an internet forum, that a big reason her father was still in prison was because of his refusal to hand over the source code for his 32,000 variable computer model. That Princeton Economics employee James Smith had gone to the court to present to them that the US Energy Dept. wanted to work with Martin to do energy forecasting. All this has now been removed from Wikipedia, which shows that the US government has now gotten to Wikipedia too!

The arguments defending Martin Armstrong are now replaced with government propaganda. Another example from Wikipedia is the sentence below: "As an investor, he claims that his market timing approach predicted the high-water mark of the Nikkei in 1989 months ahead of time, and also the July 20, 1998, high in the U.S. equities market." This is more propaganda, it is a matter of public record that Martin Armstrong predicted those two events and many more long before they happened, including the current financial mess the USA is in.

What is on Wikipedia makes it sound like Mr. Armstrong just claims that he predicted these things. As detailed by Martin in recent articles available on the internet and this site, reporters from large media companies that wrote articles questioning Martin's guilt and doubting that he could get a fair trial were silenced. The court even froze his 80 year old mother's bank account including her pension and just about killed her before Martin's lawyers threatened to hold a press conference.

Freedom of the press no longer exists in the USA, as President George W. Bush said, "the constitution is just a piece of paper". Big Brother lives, the US government Judiciary is now very corrupt just as Thomas Jefferson predicted it would become when he warned that the Judiciary, which is unelected and unaccountable, is the biggest danger to the American civilization, federal judges are appointed for life and are untouchable, they behave like Gods as Martin has written.

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Admin said...

Atlas Shrugged said...

There are at least three sides to every story, however, the money changers are very powerful and not to be messed with. Sort of like the Mafia. Jefferson was right and we the people let it happen for greed and pleasure. We are now reaping what we sow.

On another topic, I think April 19, a turn Martin predicted, is the fall of the USD. If you look at the dollar index, it turned that Monday down and has continued to slide each day since. We shall see in a couple of months if this was the inflection point.

9:34 PM

Atlas Shrugged said...

I know some other people do not think the April 19th inflection point is the $USD. This is because Martin speak about global economics. However, the USD is the world's current reserve, so I continue to believe that this inflection is the USD. Some economists do not even think that the dollar's fall is all that bad since our exports will rise. What they are overlooking is that the fall of the dollar will suck the economy into a great big black hole. We are about to cross the event horizon into the mother of all economic black holes: Stagflation/Severe Depression. The reason it is taking so much time is that change, unless done through a black swan event, takes time.

The green shoots are all whithered and dead.

Prepare now, before it is too late.

12:26 PM

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Armstrong's letter about Sotomayor is highly misleading. One thing he got right, however, was that Sotomayor actually looked out for his interests more than the other two judges. She argued that 18 months (as stated in a federal statute) should serve as a benchmark in cases where courts have the discretion to impose longer periods of contempt. She was concerned that the main opinion did not take due process seriously enough.

The other issue -- that a corporate officer must comply with a court order to turn over documents related to the company, even if they might incriminate the individual -- was established by Supreme Court precedent. The Second Circuit closely followed that precedent.

Consider the alternative. If Armstrong had won on his argument, then a corrupt individual could commit crimes in his or her personal capacity -- AND as a corporate officer. But when the government tries to investigate the company's wrongdoing, the individual refuses to turn over corporate materials in order to defend his own personal rights. This rule would negate all efforts to root out corporate fraud - which is usually executed by corporate officers who probably have access to the paper trail that could create civil liability for the company and criminal liability for the individuals.

But as the Supreme Court and the Second Circuit have held, a corporate officer does not possess corporate materials for his or her own personal gain. Instead, they hold these materials on the company's behalf and have a legal duty to turn over those documents when compelled to do so by a court. Armstrong had a legal duty as a corporate officer to turn over the documents.

3:10 PM

Admin said...

Darren, You make some good points, however in Armstrong's case the other facts as detailed on this site have to be taken into account. Why did the government take all of his original lawyer's money away? Why did they withhold his mother's social security payments until his