Saturday, March 29, 2008

Witness of CIA remark should be subpoenaed to testify.

Eric Von Baronov who owns the Kondratyev economic site on Yahoo Groups stated in his forum several years ago that a CIA aquaintance of his told him that Martin Armstrong "had to be stopped".
Exactly what was meant by this statement should have been probed. It was this author's understanding that what was meant was that the CIA does not want people with extremely sophisticated computer analysis (which the CIA tried to aquire unsucessfully from Mr. Armstrong), controlling billions of dollars in the futures markets. A proper trial would have dealt with these issues, instead Martin got years of deprivation and even torture from solitary confinement before he was more or less forced into a plea.

According to some comentators Martin got some commodity traders angry by saying that they were manipulating markets and so when he needed to get out of his Yen trade which was going against him those traders made it impossible for him to find a buyer. Martin was also said to have had a position in another commodity that was going well for him but when he was arrested the reciever is said to have liquidated those positions, which meant that future profits from them were cut off. Again all of these issues should have been explored in a court of law with premium legal representaion, which Martin was denied when the courts took away his original lawyer's monies. Martin eventually got a lawyer that his 80 something year old mother scraped some money together to pay for.

Mr.Von Baranov should have been subpoenaed to testify at Martin Armstrong's 'trial'.


craig3215 said...

"trial" is a good way of putting it, but at least we know Martin had a good day today with the news that they are trying to do away with "merge" the cftc with the sec. Martin has started to write an autobiography he's only written about 60 pages so far but he has already dedicated a couple of pages to the cftc

Admin said...

Hi Craig3215,

How do you know of what Martin is up to these days?

Anonymous said...

The CFTC has made life hell for Martin. They were on him as far back as the early-80s. I am the LAST person for expanding the powers of government and do not believe the Fed should have more latitude for market interference. They've screwed things up enough. But I do think the CFTC needs to be reined in. There is something incredibly wrong in America when, if you have a commodity futures business, you're forced to comply with CFTC and NFA registrations and audits at the corporation's expense. I hope Martin finishes that autobiography in short order. His story needs to get out.

craig3215 said...

Hey Admin,

I'm a family friend and i visit him about once a month down in Fort Dix.

Admin said...


Well give my best to Martin when you see him. Tell him about what Eric Von Baranov said re the CIA.
Von Baranov is a highly educated guy that runs the Kondratyev (Kondratief) group on Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

According to federal authorities, "Armstrong is a mega-swindler, a Ponzi scheme operator who bilked Japanese investors out of $1 billion. According to documents filed in federal court last year, Armstrong sold $3 billion in promissory "Princeton Notes” to Japanese corporates, invested the proceeds in risky currency and commodities transactions, racked up huge losses and then concealed the losses from investors". Computer models! What a joke! Anyone who has worked in software could tell you what a ridiculous idea this is. Looks like he was a swindler. "He's got to be stopped" is a comment made because he was a "dangerous" fraudster, not for any other reason.

craig3215 said...


I'll let him know... anonymous continue to believe what ever the government says as it seems you are stuck in the 1950's before people learned to not put total trust in the government, before nearly every top college had courses like computational finance, and before there were hundreds of quant funds (FYI definition of quant fund- a fund having a stock portfolio that is managed according to decisions made by a computer model... sounds "ridiculous" doesn't it)... wake up my friend

Admin said...

Anonymous: I guess you also think the CIA and the Chinese government are dummies for wanting to aquire Mr. Armstrong's computer model? You are ignorant of the great forcasting record of Martin Armstrong.

Advocate said...

Important to note, that Princeton economics was not trading a "fund" where they were investing on clients behalf, what they did was buy portfolios at a finance rate and promise to pay them in total by the end of the agreed term.

Essentially, it's like a home equity loan... the bank that buys the equity in your home doesn't care what you do with the money they give you, so long as you make your payments to them on time and in full. Princeton economics was the bank, the Japanese clients were the homeowners in this scenario. The US government had everyone focused on ridiculous allegations that Martin wasn't supposed to make high risk investments etc. that didn't matter! So long as Martin paid the clients as agreed, and there was never any evidence presented that he did not, then he was living up to his end of the bargain.

The whole thing is crazy, and that's why the government sat on this for so long and tried their best to pressure Martin to finally plead to a minimal count so they didn't have to take this to trial.

Anonymous said...

Hi Admin,

Have you talked to Martin or his relatives? Is it possible to get a hold of them? I wrote a letter to Martin once, and also called his previous lawyer, and has never gone anywhere.

Hi craig3215,
Is there any way to help Martin & his family financially? I think I can spare a little money. Maybe a couple of thousands. I've followed him since 1999. The whole thing about the mistrial is just too bad. I will check back on this post, and see if I get any response. I am extremely wary about the whole situation, and obviously I won't leave any personal info here.

Best regards,

Admin said...

Anonymous, You could contact Martin Armstrong's lawyer to find out a contact number for his son Martin Jr. is you wanted to give money. I don't know what good money would do now though, his sentence is a done deal, he is to serve his time until Sept. 2011.

Marty's Lawyer's email...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I don't know if any money would have made any difference to Martin's case. It's obviously that Constitutional rights have been violated in Martin's case. The only way for us to help Martin is to continue to blog and hopefully increase his public support. Even Ron Paul as a Congressman and several million dollars cannot beat thru the thick media boycott.

I'm extremely wary about the "big brothers". Any money would only hopefully improve a little bit of Martin's daily life.

Hopefully one day Martin can be "redeemed" from the mistrial, even if it's an apology after death.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have a link to this Yahoo group of Eric Von Baronov who owns the Kondratyev economic site on Yahoo . I tried few search engines and can not find this site. Thank you. Lili

Admin said...

Lili here is the link to the Kondratyev Yahoo group...

Anonymous said...

I receive all of Marty's current works and publish them on my Scribd Site From there, they are downloaded, posted and embedded in everything else on the net. So if you want the first view of anything new he writes, please check my site on a daily basis.

We are saddened because his Mother is not doing well, and they won't let him out for a furlough to see her.

Those of us who know him and know the REAL story, will continue to help him fight. We also know that our Government changes the rules whenever necessary, so we never know what to expect.

Please just say a prayer for Ida, his Mother.

Anonymous said...

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rayelan said...

Hey Admin!!

I just posted some articles about Martin on my webpage --

Here's where the thread begins

I was the wife of a political prisoner... Gunther Russbacher, ONI/CIA - I try to help all those who are incarcerated illegally.

I also have a radio show. Can you recommend someone to come on the show and talk about Martin's case?


Rayelan Allan


Admin said...

Hi Rayelan,

You could try contacting Buzz Swartz who used to do the Money Talks radio show in California. He ran the Armstrong Defense Fund website for many years and he used to get Martin on his radio show. He is very knowledgeable.