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Serious Accusations of Corruption on Wall Street & The Justice Department

Please read new information further down on likely US Government manipulation of Google and Wikipedia.

This article details alleged corruption by the top Wall Street firms and also the Justice Department of the United States.

President Elect Obama and his Economic team should be investigating this information and looking into pardoning Martin Armstrong.

Mr. Armstrong predicted this financial crisis we are in over two decades ago! Martin Armstrong has solid advice on what the government should do now to overcome this crisis and save the United States of America from further disintegration!

Unfortunately things are going to get worse in this part of the cycle which Martin is warning about in this latest report, there are several important cycles that are converging in mid 2011 when the Pi cycle will reach its next major low according to Martin, and this is promising to be a Grand Convergence of these major cycles which means we can expect something likely much worse than has already happened with the banks and financial institutions, perhaps a different sector of the economy will become a problem or it could be a major currency crisis which affects the confidence in the bond markets.

It must also be reported that the Topix online newspaper took this writer's original article without permission and published it on their site. This led to hundreds of comments being submitted by readers of my article on Topix.

Google manipulated what I wrote in a search for Martin Armstrong and scraped a sentence out of context for their search.

He was just about to take Princeton Economics public and get 2 to 3 billion from the sale of those shares. I believe Armstrong's intentions were good. If they were not he would have fled the country rather than drive around collecting items for the court before he faced the judge.

It is wrong that he was denied a trial for almost 7 years. The constitution does not mean much anymore as the editor of JerseyGOP wrote:"

What followed was that Google then placed part of the above comment into the #1 Google search result after doing a search for 'Martin Armstrong' what came up then is deliberately biased. So a carefully selected and out of context part of what I wrote ended up being the #1 item on a google search of Martin Armstrong. I then complained to Martin's lawyer about this and almost immediately the same search result dropped from #1 to #3! It is currently down to about #6. This shows that the government went to Google and got them to manipulate the search results. The content of the main article I wrote in defense of Martin Armstrong that was placed on Topix was ignored by Google and instead an out of context snipet was placed.

Something similar has happened on Wikipedia. I originally participated in writing information on wikipedia in defense of Martin Armstrong, I had pointed out that his lawyer's monies were taken away from them, that the CIA had approached Martin's company Princeton Economics to aquire his 60 million dollar computer model which they had become impressed by because it predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union and also the stock market crash of 1998 to the day. I had also mentioned that his daughter Victoria Armstrong stated on an internet forum, that a big reason her father was still in prison was because of his refusal to hand over the source code for his 32,000 variable computer model. All this has now been removed from Wikipedia, which shows that the US government has now gotten to Wikipedia too! The arguments defending Martin Armstrong are now replaced with government propaganda.

Another example from Wikipedia is the sentence below:
"As an investor, he claims that his market timing approach predicted the high-water mark of the Nikkei in 1989 months ahead of time, and also the July 20, 1998, high in the U.S. equities market."

This is more propaganda, it is a matter of public record that Martin Armstrong predicted those two events and many more long before they happened, including the current financial mess the USA is in. What is on Wikipedia makes it sound like Mr. Armstrong just claims that he predicted these things.

Freedom of the press no longer exists in the USA, as President George W. Bush said, "the constitution is just a piece of paper". The Wikipedia article shows up as the #1 result for a search of Martin Armstrong. Big Brother lives, the US government is now very corrupt just as Thomas Jefferson predicted it would become.

Below was posted by a viewer:

OPEN LETTER TO CONGRESS CONCERNING MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Economist/Researcher/Entrepreneur Martin Armstrong may hold a vital key to resolving current dilemmas facing Government.

The circumstances through which Mr. Armstrong came to be investigated and imprisoned lend to the perception that he is a target of high level official retaliation.

Mr. Armstrong was recently able to release an essay that he manually typed while incarcerated. Dated October 10th, 2008 “It’s Just Time”
It explains the circumstances of his imprisonment and outlines work of his that the government was seeking to obtain. The implications are profound and the veracity of the information is evident in the accuracy of its data.

He has been held almost 9 years for contempt of court (perhaps the longest on record for contempt) and has only recently been transferred to begin an additional 5 year sentence for his original alleged crime of securities fraud. He has been held longer than the alleged crimes warranted already. The clients who where affected by his arrest and the seizure of his accounts have all been repaid 100%.

After making my own investigation of the matter it would appear that an asset of considerable importance is being neglected to our nation’s peril. Mr. Armstrong has stated previous willingness to cooperate with the government in the use and application of his predictive “Economic Confidence Models”.

It is my perception that an official inability to recognize that the researcher’s refusal to sell or deliver his source code to the CIA when requested, was simply beyond his moral or ethical capacity; analogous to being given the option of destroying the planet or going to prison, or being asked to sell your own head. To Mr. Armstrong the information that is being sought IS part of him.

This is a misunderstanding generated in a clash of egos at the practical level. Perhaps if the government had approached him with an 8(a) HUB Zone mentor and a contract instead of Black Op heavies Mr. Armstrong would be free to ply his trade, his clientèle more prosperous and our nation better equipped to face the future.

Please familiarize yourself with the situation by looking at the links provided.
(You may have to cut and paste URL’s into your address bar on your browser if you have a contact form instead of email)

"The Business Cycle And The Future"

MARTIN ARTHUR ARMSTRONG 12518-050 59-White-M 09-02-2011 FORT DIX FCI

Contact your representative:

We are in the midst of very dangerous times in our country and around the world. Minds like Mr. Armstrong’s are needed to help develop solutions to the fluid and manifold crises we face. We do harm to ourselves and the world by persecuting our brightest minds when they threaten the illusion of control to which the power elite cling.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Decline & Fall of the United States

The article that follows is a review of an article that Martin Armstrong wrote in 1999 just before his arrest. In Mr. Armstrong's latest 77 page article writen in prison and released in October 2008 he appears to have softened his position as to the USA having a civil war and breaking up, he now thinks the USA will survive but not in the form we know now...

The United States of America hit the end of the 224 year political cycle in 1999 from its revolutionary beginning in 1775.29863. Martin Armstrong predicted in Oct.1999 that Sept/Oct 2001 would see an attack on the USA! He in effect predicted the 9/11 disaster and also predicted the reaction to it further on, which would be a new war.
"The turning points following 1999 now appear to be Sept/Oct 2001 on the quarter cycle and late 2003. These targets often work in an attack followed by a response."

It is a very strange world. As he wrote in the past the same thing happened to Rome, as their power declined they became vulnerable to outside attack and also got embroiled in wars with Persia. History is repeating now and America is bogged down in a quagmire in the ancient Persian Empire - which encompassed Iraq and Iran. Iraqi dictator Sadam Hussein warned when the USA first invaded Iraq that the Americans would end up stuck in a quagmire that was unwinnable.

Martin Armstrong revealed the existence of a political cycle that is 224 years in length and gives massive amounts of evidence of how this cycle has been dominant for thousands of years all over the world. He developed the Economic Confidence Model during the 1970s which is related to the 224 political cycle. "Aside from the importance of the number of days of the 8.6 year cycle constituting 3141 days or roughly Pi, the data that this cycle emerged from was a period of 224 years spanning between 1683 and 1907. There were 26 financial panics during this 224 year period that produced the actual time frame of 8.61538 years." While he found that this cycle moved in waves of intensity that built up into 6 groups of waves forming a major wave of 51.6923 years, this is not the only timing interval that is important for understanding of the business cycle he said.

Mr. Armstrong went on to say that Americans could expect to see their liberties being stripped away from them after 1999 as the government would attempt to shore up its waning power and war would increase. He said the the power of the USA peaked in 1999, just as it did for the Roman Empire after the death of one of Rome's most brilliant Emperors Marcus Aurelius in 180 AD. The consequences from what President Dwight Eisenhowser warned of, by letting the Militry Industrial Complex become too dominant are now starting to be realized, a civilization that became a worldwide military empire is now starting to crumble from the burden of supporting the military machine. On top of all this US corporations systematically tranferred manufacturing overseas into Asia thereby destroying the industrial manufacturing wealth that Americans have previously prospered from. Of course from a cyclical perspective Armstrong would argue that is was all inevitable, human nature being what it is.

We can see now that the power of the Chinese is surging forward and that as another financial advisor James Dines predicted in the late 1970's - the 21 Century would be the Chinese century. In Marco Polo's time China was the weathiest nation on earth, they are now in the process of getting back that status. Will the new China Era last 224 years or will it move to a greater Europe before then?

At a lecture that Martin Armstrong gave in the early 1990's I approached him and stated: Don't you think that the Chinese will dominate the world's economy going forward now? He said to me that they would at first, but he believed that a greater Europe including Russia would eventually be the largest economy in the world. I don't know if he still thinks the latter to be the case but he wrote in late 1999 "We see the economic power shifting toward Asia and believe the United States has peaked here in 1999". He went on to say that to prove that the USA has peaked in its power may require another 8.6 years (pi cycle - Feb 2007)and may not be verifiable until Martin's death which would likely be in the 2030 time frame. (2032 is the end of Martin's 51.6 year 'confidence in private markets cycle' - so after 2032 we can expect something like 1929 again where there is a massive collapse of the debt markets and then a new confidence in government cycle appears again with another Franklin Delanor Roosevelt style 'new deal' perhaps, except this time China will be the leading economy and the USA will be Britain or Italy as in a fallen Rome.

Martin wrote: "The entire period of rising political chaos appears to begin with 1999 going into at least 2011 but more likely late 2012. The 224 year cycle that began with the start of the American Revolution will reach its end of the most chaotic period 2012.471 which is 224 years from the last state of Nine required to ratify the constitution, which was New Hampshire on June 21, 1788. President George Washington was elected in 1789 and thus this formally began the United States. It does not appear that 1999 will become noticeable as a major turning point until at least one 8.615 year interval takes place. Thus by late 2007, dissatisfaction will become self-evident. Of course, between 2012 and 2020, the real problems will unfold regarding social security, healthcare, and a host of government benefits. Funding such programs will lead to major economic short-falls."

"Cyclically, if the United States were to survive in the form as we know it today (a big if), recovery is not likely before 2103 to 2111 with the extreme projections into 2223. Historically, nations that have had civil wars in the past, breakup along the same lines of political differences even though the issues will have changed. We thus may see a division between north and south taking the issues of religion this time rather than slavery. One must keep in mind that the religious differences have survived the Civil War."

"The Middle East is universally believed to be the source of future problems. Looking at the 224 year cycle of political change provides an eye-opener to say the least. It was the year 1095 that the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus asked Pope Urban II for help infighting the Turks. If we look at the 224 year cycle between the West and the Muslim World we see the dates 1095, 1319, 1543, 1767 and 1991. Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990 and the West invaded Iraq in February 1991. The invasion stopped short of Baghdad leaving Saddam Hussein in power only because he may be the lessor of two evils - keeping the religious extremists under his control. Often overlooked is the conflict between the two prime divisions in Islam the Sunni, who followed Abu Bakr as the successor to Muhammad (570-6432AD) and the Shites, who followed the son-in-law and first cousin. While the Sunni constitute about 85% of Islam, it is the Shites that largely believe that there should be no separation between church and state. Thus, the Shites would overthrow the monarchy of Saudi Arabia if they could and would rejoice had Hussein been removed from power. This would have allowed Iran to expand its power taking Iraq which is believed to be about 40% Shite. This would then put Saudi Arabia at risk not to mention Syria
and Turkey. In other words, if Iran could expand its religious control over the states in the Middle East, it would most likely result in a civil war similar to that of England between the Protestants and the Catholics. It is disturbing that the West invaded precisely on the 224 year cycle target of 1991."

Its all in the cycles, it appears that nothing can be done to stop the cycles from manifesting their effects. As Martin has stated before the whole Universe is cyclical, galaxies, stars, planets are all subject to cyclical laws (our Sun he wrote has a 300 year cycle which causes its output to vary by 15% and the Sun could not even shine if it did not have cycles) it is therefore logical that humans and their societies are also subject to these cyclical energies - 'as above so below'.

If we are to believe in the greater purpose of human society then perhaps the USA has fullfilled its purpose in the 20th Century, showing the world that relative democracy and free markets are the right way for societies to go. Just as Rome led to Great Britain which in a way united the whole world with the English language, then the United States maintained and strengthened the structure. The question is, which country is going to take over from the USA?

Martin seemed to be suggesting that the Earth's climate is likely to start cooling down now based on the Sun's 300 year cycle and it appears that 2007 saw some records being made for cold and snow. There is some evidence now that the sun's output is starting to fall, the sunspots are not being created at this point. Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile — the list goes on and on.

Anecdotal evidence, but now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. This link purports to show evidence that we can expect temperatures to fall for the next 20-25 years.

Could it be that human produced Co2 has created a blanket that will protect our societies from a future ice age or will any cooling now be just a temporary lull in an ongoing warming?

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Witness of CIA remark should be subpoenaed to testify.

Eric Von Baronov who owns the Kondratyev economic site on Yahoo Groups stated in his forum several years ago that a CIA aquaintance of his told him that Martin Armstrong "had to be stopped".
Exactly what was meant by this statement should have been probed. It was this author's understanding that what was meant was that the CIA does not want people with extremely sophisticated computer analysis (which the CIA tried to aquire unsucessfully from Mr. Armstrong), controlling billions of dollars in the futures markets. A proper trial would have dealt with these issues, instead Martin got years of deprivation and even torture from solitary confinement before he was more or less forced into a plea.

According to some comentators Martin got some commodity traders angry by saying that they were manipulating markets and so when he needed to get out of his Yen trade which was going against him those traders made it impossible for him to find a buyer. Martin was also said to have had a position in another commodity that was going well for him but when he was arrested the reciever is said to have liquidated those positions, which meant that future profits from them were cut off. Again all of these issues should have been explored in a court of law with premium legal representaion, which Martin was denied when the courts took away his original lawyer's monies. Martin eventually got a lawyer that his 80 something year old mother scraped some money together to pay for.

Mr.Von Baranov should have been subpoenaed to testify at Martin Armstrong's 'trial'.